Peter Wagner

Founding Partner

Wing Venture Capital

Peter Wagner is a Founding Partner of Wing Venture Capital. He has led investments in dozens of early stage companies, more than 25 of which have completed IPOs or successful acquisitions. They include Nimble Storage, Fusion-io, Redback Networks, Riverbed, Arrowpoint Communications, Infinera, Peribit, Topspin, Omneon and Opower. He currently works with a private company portfolio that includes Blue Jeans Network, Cumulus Networks, Moogsoft, Qwilt, and Pepperdata. Before founding Wing, Peter helped lead Accel Partners for 15 years as Managing Partner. Prior to joining Accel, Peter was a line manager at Silicon Graphics, responsible for several generations of digital media and graphics workstation products. Peter previously worked at McKinsey and Company, and began his career as a physicist working in nuclear fusion research and aerospace.