Cloud Infrastructure Intelligence

IT workloads are indisputably moving to the cloud – private and public. The demands being made by new applications like self driving cars, BYOD, 4G Industry, Microservices, Containers, IoT and AI are increasing the size of the loads and moving them to the physical edge of the network. That means new technologies will be needed and new architectures to support them. Sooner or later your company will have to intersect with these technologies – whether you deploy them for yourself, your customer or if your customer is using them. Any which way you look at it you have to be prepared and informed to make the right decisions.

That’s why we invite you to Structure, the premier conference on the business of Cloud Computing and Infrastructure. In its 9th year we continue to bring to you the most informed thought leaders, customer insights, pioneering vendors and industry analysts who will brief you and inform you to make the decisions you need to make. 

Attend, network, assess and take away learning to your team. Structure has been the leading insider cloud computing conference for more nearly a decade, calling on its extensive influencer network to bring the most crucial topics that you need to make informed decisions for your technology roadmap.

Attend Structure. Invest in yourself, your team and your company. Invest in your future. Take a look at some of our topics.

We’ll explore…

  • AI and The Cloud – In a recent poll, 90% of senior IT buyers and architects could not differentiate the value between the different AI Cloud propositions from the big providers. We cut through the hype to bring you the most informed speakers to help you decode your very own AI technology roadmap. Get an insight on the state of the AI union and also what the future holds from the cutting edge thinkers shaping AI in the cloud.
  • Edge Cloud Networks – BYOD and the move to “”Connected Products” / IoT is forcing us to face the physics of networks. The farther the distance between the server and the network end point the longer the delay. In many cases that delay increases business risk and consumer dissatisfaction. Solution? Physically allow your cloud to have a compute presence at the edge. Initiatives from Dell, Amazon, Microsoft Azure and more are pushing these new technologies out to us, but we need to better understand what we are doing and what are the long term implications. At Structure we will have pioneering technologists, customers and vendors speak about what they are doing out there.
  • Cloud Security – If you upload a petabyte of data to the cloud for storage, how do you know it’s still there? How could you ever tell if someone malicious subtly modifies the cloud based AI you have put so much operational faith into? What if your competitor buys a tranche of your products only to root them so they send back false data to you, how would you ever know? Can you tell there is “Fake News” in the claims made by security vendors, how would you decode and decipher? How do you plan disaster recovery for a fine grained, edge distributed, microservices architecture? The answer to these and other questions will be coming from the domain experts picked by Structure to inform you. Join us.
  • New Signals – Short glimpses from the research labs and garages around the world as to what will be the new technologies and companies that will impact your future cloud strategy.